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World On A String by Dara

Help, Plant, Clean

Help, Plant, Clean

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This pattern was created for the Stitcher's Collective 2023 Earth Day Collaboration bundle, and you can now purchase it by itself!

Thanks to everyone's contributions, we raised over $13k for Earth day charities.

This pattern carries a powerful message that resonates with nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts alike. With charming depictions of a beehive, a sapling, and an ocean wave, this design beautifully encapsulates the essence of environmental conservation.

Stitching this pattern allows you to showcase your passion for our planet and spread awareness about the importance of taking care of our natural resources. Each stitch serves as a gentle reminder that we can make a positive impact by helping the bees, planting more trees, and cleaning the seas.

120x48 Stitches, 12 DMC Colors

This pattern is available in both PDF and Print variants.

Design Copyright Dara Whitlock, World On A String by Dara.

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